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Experienced Settlement Counsel Toronto
Mitchell Rose* – Mitchell Rose Professional Corporation

Year Called to the Bar: 1995

Mitchell Rose has a busy Settlement Counsel and mediation practice in Toronto.

He serves the needs of those in legal conflict throughout the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and Southern Ontario.

Mr. Rose brings his 20+ years of experience as a civil litigation lawyer and an impartial, objective, legal eye to complex legal problems to identify opportunities for settlement and resolution.

In an adversarial system, emotions and egos can sometimes result in unnecessarily entrenched positions. Mitchell Rose, is a skilled settlement counsel and experienced dispute mediator that helps people see past the emotions and identifies opportunities where compromise and solutions can be found that lead to resolution.

Whether through services for mediation or Settlement Counsel, Mitchell Rose’s singular goal is to facilitate optimal settlement outcomes in an expedient, respectful fashion.

Professional Background

  • York University, Bachelor of Arts (B.A. (Hons.)), Specialized Honours in Psychology (1990)
  • Osgoode Hall Law School, Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) (1993)
  • Called to the Ontario Bar (1995)
  • Mediation/ADR Training at Stitt Feld Handy (2004) and (2005), and at Harvard Law School (2012)
  • ADR Institute of Canada, Qualified Mediator (Q. Med) (2012)
  • ADR Institute of Canada, Chartered Mediator (C. Med) (2015)
  • International Academy of Mediators, Fellow (2015)

Experienced Settlement Counsel and Mediator Toronto

Mitchell Rose solves legal problems. Whether you hire him as your Mediator (Rose Dispute Resolution*) or as your Settlement Counsel (Mitchell Rose Law*), his expertise in delivering practical solutions helps clients to avoid excessive cost, manage risk, and end legal conflict.

The finality and certainty of a negotiated agreement and the ability to move on in a positive way, is a great motivation. The peace of mind that comes from a facilitated resolution that both sides can live with is priceless.

For more information, or to book settlement counsel or a mediation, contact admin@mitchellrose.ca or call 416-227-3406

*Mediation and legal services are provided by Mitchell Rose Professional Corporation (“MRPC”). Rose Dispute Resolution and Mitchell Rose Law are divisions of MRPC.



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