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ExperiencedLawyers.ca is a division of the Top Lawyers™ family of lawyer directories and brought to you by a team of experienced legal marketers with over 20 years of web development and expertise working for Bay Street law firms and legal professionals.

We are now sharing our success and experience with a platform connecting lawyers and potential clients all across Canada.

Why Experienced Lawyers Canada is Different

What sets Experienced Lawyers apart from other online law directories is the same thing that gives you the confidence to trust our platform: transparency and credibility.

Unlike other platforms which will list any lawyer willing to pay their fees, Experienced Lawyers has strict criterion for enrolling lawyers on its directory. You can read more about getting listed here.

Our specialty lies in building online exposure and getting directory listings before prospective clientele at the right time.

What is Experienced Lawyers Canada?

Experienced Lawyers Canada is a listing of lawyers covering the full spectrum of the legal market. From sole practitioners to provincial and national law firms, we cover the breadth of the legal services market in Canada.

Profiles on Experienced Lawyers Canada are a great way to showcase and detail your experience, successes and what it is that sets your practice apart. Experienced Lawyers Canada gives you the opportunity to stand out from your competition.

We help leading legal professionals raise their online visibility and get found when ‘High Intent” prospects are searching for the legal services they provide.

Benefits for Lawyers and Clients

For individual lawyers and law firms, Experienced Lawyers Canada represents an exciting opportunity for you to raise your online visibility, increase billable hours and grow your legal practice. Read some of the testimonials to see what we have been able to achieve.

To the general public, we offer a one-stop research setting through which you can source a lawyer in your region with significant experience in the area of law you require, and the specific expertise relevant for your case. Whether it is buying a home, seeking advice on your employment or pursuing a claim for personal injury, our directory helps connect people with their ideal legal professional.

How We Build Exposure

Whether you are a sole practitioner or a law firm with offices across Canada, our national online lawyer directory, ExperiencedLawyers.ca, and our related local lawyer directories give you the exposure you need in a competitive marketplace.

Our experience in web development – especially in the legal market – makes us uniquely qualified to improve your online visibility. We help our clients shin in competitive local search results while also providing improved national awareness.