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Our agents are always available so you never miss a lead.

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The Live Chat for Lawyers Advantage

Experienced Lawyers’ Live Chat engine allows you to engage prospective clients as soon as they visit your profile and differentiate your practice as a highly responsive one. Live chat turns a static web page into a call to action, encouraging visitors to take that first step to getting in touch. It is the simplest way of building business, shown to increase leads by 25%.

Whether seeking a personal injury lawyer, car accident lawyer, immigration lawyer, criminal defence lawyer, real estate lawyer or legal counsel for any other concern, people often search for lawyers online after a long day of work, in the evening or at night. This means that even if they are able to identify a lawyer they want to discuss the matter further with, they are unable to do so until the next day.

Always Available for Your Clients

Deployed in conjunction with Display Ads, Live Chat is a great way of getting in touch with prospective clients. With Display Ads, your practice can be placed before the right people at the right time. Instead of simply visiting your profile and then leaving because they cannot get in touch outside of business hours, ‘high intent’ visitors will have a channel to get in touch with you directly, whatever the time of day.

The ‘human touch’ is an integral aspect of the legal profession. Clients appreciate a lawyer who is available and one who is able to communicate at their time of need. Given that infrequent communication is an oft-complained aspect about the legal service clients receive, the Canadian Bar Association notes, Live Chat is a tremendously useful way of creating a personal and engaged client experience.

Enhanced Your Firm’s Engagement

By leveraging Live Chat, Experienced Lawyers effectively expands your business hours. It allows lawyers to engage with prospective clients as soon as they visit their profile. A Live Chat agent will be present to engage prospective clients and contacts 24 hours a day. This means you don’t lose out on potential clients just because they visited your profile outside of regular visiting hours.

The agent will respond to queries using a script that is prepared beforehand with you. These are trained professionals who will help you gather information from visitors. The Live Chat agent will gather contact information and information on the nature of the query. This will be forwarded to you immediately in an email, letting you decide how and when you want to respond.

Live chat remains equally valuable during your regular business hours too, allowing you to start a call with visitors using Live Call Connect. With Live Call Connect, if a prospective client wishes to be connected directly to you during an ongoing Live Chat session, the agent can start a call between you and the prospective client.

Live Chat and Live Call Connect are paid services that are included with your subscription.