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Display Advertising for Your Law Firm

Experienced Lawyers is a vital resource for lawyers in Canada’s major markets and for the clients that require their help. It is a place for members of the legal community to promote their services and exchange ideas, and a venue for members of the public to research legal experts and find the right lawyer for their situation.

For lawyers who want to increase their online visibility, Experienced Lawyers Canada offers a variety of promotional resources, including on-site display advertising. This highly-effective form of digital marketing will ensure your firm is noticed and remembered by the customers that matter.

Display Advertising Basics

Broadly, display advertising includes text, image, flash, video, and audio advertisements that appears on websites, apps, or social media networks. They most commonly appear as banner ads running along the top of web pages; as large billboard-style ads; or as thin, tall skyscraper ads bordering pieces of content.

As with other forms of online and offline advertising, the goal of these ads is to attract users’ attention and promote awareness for the advertising company. They most often occupy highly-visible premium real estate on the screen, and as such are reserved for paying advertisers.

Companies seeking to expand their reach to a relatively broad audience often run display ads through massive platforms like Google’s Display Network or Facebook Ads. By advertising on Experienced Lawyers, you can avoid navigating those company’s complicated budgeting and audience-targeting processes and ensure your ads are seen by highly relevant users.

Display Advertising on Experienced Lawyers

By advertising on Experienced Lawyers, you are cutting out the middle man and speaking directly to your target demographic: prospective clients with an interest in hiring a personal injury, medical malpractice, criminal defence, real estate, employment, immigration, corporate, or family lawyer.

Canadian lawyers operate in a competitive industry where visibility among high-intent online users can be the difference between a successful and unsuccessful quarter. Through Experienced Lawyers’ display advertising program, your firm can be more recognizable to customers that are highly relevant to your business.

For more information about display advertising on Experienced Lawyers

Please visit our About Us and Pricing Details pages, or fill out our Contact Us form to ask questions directly. Additionally, our team can be reached by telephone at 416-988-4529 (Toronto local), 1-888-645-5228 (toll free), or via email at info@toplawyerscanada.ca. Reach out today to learn how our unique display advertising services can get your firm recognized by clients in need.

Increase Online Exposure

Display advertising through Experienced Lawyers is available as part of our limited availability listing package. The program includes custom-built ads that reflect your firm’s unique branding in addition to keyword-rich main site profiles for up to five lawyers.

The ads included in this package will be shown when users arrive at the site and will ensure your firm appears before others in onsite search results. Creative will be developed based on your preferences and may aim to generate attention for a specific lawyer or particular area of expertise. Regardless of your aim for the ads, this proactive exposure will increase brand awareness.