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Why Video Marketing?

Digital marketing professionals are bullish about video marketing. As Google’s search algorithm changes and social media networks tweak the makeup of their news feeds, video marketing has evolved from a luxury digital advertising product to an essential for any business that hopes to make an impact online. As such, Experienced Lawyers is proud to offer a lean suite of video marketing services that will deliver results beyond the scope of this website.

The popularity of digital video content cannot be denied: YouTube is one of the internet’s most-visited sites and streaming services are on pace to supplant cable television in the near future. But what makes it so effective as a marketing tool?

Audiences prefer it

When asked to choose between video content and the written word, most internet users will choose to watch a video. This isn’t a matter of internet users being lazy: video simply works better in a digital setting. Advertisers can convey more information in 30 seconds of video than a user can consume in 30 seconds of reading.

Video is also a natural fit in our increasingly mobile world. Long chunks of text are difficult to digest on smartphones; video fits the screen neatly.

Develop a relationship

They say a picture is worth 1,000 words, which means a video is worth exponentially more. In the space of a relatively short video, an advertiser can communicate its brand values, describe its core services, and deliver a poignant, creative, and memorable message to prospective consumers.

Social media potential

The videos developed by Experienced Lawyers have utility beyond this site. Upload your lawyer profile videos to your firm’s YouTube page, Facebook page, and Twitter and Instagram feeds. Or, use the video as an advertising piece on various video-friendly social networks.

A worthwhile investment

Yes, video advertising is more expensive than display advertising, social media management, or content marketing, but it also tends to generate a more substantial return on investment.

Of course, the quality of your video matters. Professional, high-quality video marketing pieces establish companies as legitimate, trustworthy organizations. Added production value is likely to generate more conversions.

Experienced Lawyers’ Video Marketing Services

Experienced Lawyers members can choose one of two options: a standard lawyer profile video or extended lawyer profile video. Both options are shot in 4K, HD-quality video.

For a one-time fee of
the standard lawyer profile video includes:

  • A 30- to 60-second talking-head biographical video
  • Animation
  • Up to three added static images
  • An interview with one lawyer
  • Title cards including your firm’s logo and contact information

For a one-time fee of
the extended lawyer profile video includes:

  • Up to 2 minutes of video
  • Script and storyboarding
  • Up to three premium stock video frames
  • B-roll film shots
  • Animation
  • Up to five added static images
  • Title cards including your firm’s contact information

For more information about video marketing on Experienced Lawyers

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