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Lawyer Reviews

‘Word of mouth’ has been a longstanding means of getting new client referrals in the legal community. Reviews and client testimonials are their online equivalent. Surveys show that 88% of people trust online reviews as they would a personal recommendation. A large volume of reviews and positive feedback can elevate your profile above your competition significantly.

Whether it is reviews on social media, business reviews on search listings or any other platform, reviews help people make better buying decisions. Moreover, numerous studies have shown that people are more likely to subscribe to a service once they read positive reviews.

There are a number of online platforms where people can and do leave reviews about lawyers and their experience working with them. However, many of these platforms are inappropriate for a professional listing. With Experienced Lawyers, you get a dedicated, moderated and tailored way to gather client reviews.

In a digital economy, where the average person is so accustomed to searching for a business or listing online, the digital presence has to be complete to meet visitors expectations. Testimonials are an integral part of online searches and visitors are tuned to looking for reviews on goods and services before they finalize their buying decisions. Studies have shown that a business with reviews receives greater interest than one without; and a business which responds to its reviews is viewed more favorably and generates still more interest with prospective clientele.

Client Testimonials

Though client testimonials have become staple of practitioners’ and law firm websites, with the Experienced Lawyers Reviews, you can leverage the positive experience your clients have much more proactively. It is a respectable platform which can be shared with your professional network and people you meet.

Experienced Lawyers Reviews are a great tool for lawyers and law firms. We offer a moderation tool to verify the veracity of reviewers, making sure that only genuine reviewers reflect on your listing, drastically reducing the risk of online harassment.