Experienced Prenuptial Agreement Lawyers Ottawa

An Ottawa Prenuptial Agreement Lawyer helps couples confidently enter a marriage knowing they are in agreement about their finances, rights, obligations and expectations. This communication exercise of putting a prenup in place is particularly prudent for those with previous and/or extensive assets. Consult with a Prenuptial lawyer in Ottawa and protect your interests.

Marriage in Ontario automatically enacts and conveys certain rights, obligations and responsibilities. Matrimonial law can be unfair to married couples, particularly if one partner comes to the union with significantly greater assets. Generally speaking, in the absence of a prenuptial agreement, what is your partners becomes yours and vice versa.

Experienced Ottawa prenup lawyers can help you put in place an agreement that protects your hard earned or inherited assets and interests. It is vitally important, well in advanced of the wedding (ideally) to have an experienced professional prepare a prenuptial agreement.



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