Experienced Criminal Defence Lawyer Toronto
Anthony De Marco

Year Called to the Bar: 1985

Anthony De Marco is a founding partner of Monaco, Boiani, De Marco and has practiced criminal defence law for over 35 years.

Facing criminal charges is scary and the consequences of a finding of guilt can be far reaching.

Many people have a misguided or misinformed opinion of criminal lawyers. They think criminal lawyers help bad people escape punishment for their crimes. The reality is, criminal lawyers hold Crown Attorneys and police to account and do their job by the book and to the letter of the law. It is their job to prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, you are guilty of the crimes they accused you of. The role of a criminal defence lawyer is to challenge police and Crown evidence and positions to “poke holes” in their case and raise reasonable doubt.

Having a defence lawyer like Anthony De Marco on your team can help tilt the scales of justice in your favour.

Professional Memberships and Activities

+ The Law Society of Ontario
+ Criminal Lawyers Association

Experienced Criminal Lawyer in Toronto

Widely regarded by his peers and respected throughout the legal community, Anthony De Marco has been involved in high profile and complex criminal cases. He has experience and a comprehensive knowledge of a broad variety of criminal matters, from theft to drug offences to sexual assault and other serious violent offences including manslaughter, attempted murder, second degree murder and first degree murder.

Going to trial isn’t always necessary. If your legal troubles can be resolved in a way that makes sense, Anthony De Marco will certainly entertain that option, but he researches and prepares every case as if it is going to trial and works towards getting you the best results.

Anthony De Marco has a track record of success at all trial court levels.

Criminal Offences Defended

+ Murder, Manslaughter, Homicide
+ Attempted Murder
+ Robbery, Armed Robbery, Robbery with a Firearm, Extortion,
+ Firearm, Gun and Weapons Offences
+ Sexual Assault
+ Aggravated Sexual Assault
+ Human Trafficking, Kidnapping, Forcible Confinement
+ Sexual Interference, Invitation to Sexual Touching, Sexual Exploitation
+ Child Pornography, Child Luring and Internet Related Crimes
+ Criminal Negligence Causing Death or Bodily Harm
+ Aggravated Assault and Other Assault Offences
+ Uttering Threats, Criminal Harassment
+ Domestic Assault
+ Fraud, Conspiracy and White Collar Crimes
+ Theft
+ Identity Fraud, Identity Theft
+ Forgery, False Pretenses
+ Obstruction Of Justice, Perjury
+ Mischief, Property Offences, Arson
+ Break and Enter, Home Invasion Offences
+ Dangerous Driving, Criminal Negligence, Impaired Driving,
+ Driving Over 80 mgs BAC, Refuse Breath Sample
+ Drug Trafficking, Drug Possession, Drug Importing
+ Representing Clients Through Legal Aid Ontario (LAO)
+ Not Criminally Responsible (NCR) Applications

Get the Skilled, Committed, Defence You Need

If you are facing criminal charges, be sure that you have the representation you need from an experienced criminal lawyer. Anthony De Marco has been representing clients throughout the greater Toronto, Ontario, area since 1985.

He knows criminal law, your rights and how to protect them. You can count on Anthony De Marco to pursue every legal option available in an effort to obtain the best possible result in your case.

Anthony De Marco Stands Ready to Help You.
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