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Year Called to the Bar: 1990

Stacey Ball literally wrote the book on employment law in Canada.

He is the author of Canadian Employment Law the definitive text on employment law in Canada used in law schools and referenced by employment lawyers and judges throughout the country.

Recognized as a leading employment and labour law lawyer in Toronto, Stacey Ball stands ready to take on any legal challenge in the HR / Employment law arena. Mr. Ball represents individuals, corporations / management and unions in employment and labour law matters across Canada.

Benefit from his 25 years of experience negotiating, litigating and trying employment law cases.

An Experienced Employment Lawyer in Toronto

Stacey Ball has extensive experience in the areas of wrongful dismissal, human rights, trade, non-disclosure, intellectual property and employment competition agreements, sexual harassment, workplace bullying, fiduciary responsibilities, defamation, workers’ compensation, employment contracts, injunctions, labour law and appellate advocacy.

He has appeared before every level of court including the Supreme Court of Canada where his victorious arguments have produced rulings that have shaped employment law in Canada.

He represents employers and employees on all aspects of employment and labour law, including:

  • Severance Packages & Pay
  • Wrongful Dismissal
  • Job Offer Review and Contracts
  • Workplace Accommodation
  • Disability and WSIB
  • Discrimination
  • Workplace Bullying and Harassment of Any Kind
  • Union Issues and Conflicts
  • Termination of Employment With/Without Cause
  • Defence of Workplace Accusations
  • Unions & Labour Law
  • Human Rights

Workplace law matters are sensitive and complex. Trust a top Toronto employment lawyer at Ball Professional Corporation to protect your rights and strategically guide you toward a resolution that allows you move on in a positive way.

Professional Memberships

  • Law Society of Ontario
  • Ontario Bar Association
  • Alberta Bar Association
  • British Columbia Bar Association

Why Hire a Toronto Employment Law Lawyer?

Many people simply take the orders or directions given by their employer, union or even their provincial Ministry of Labour and think, “That’s that” and there is no alternative or recourse. That could not be further from the truth!

Employment law dictates the responsibilities and obligations employers have to their employees – Not your boss or HR department. A court of law evaluates many factors in determining what is fair and appropriate and what is not. A layperson, or even a lawyer that does not immerse themselves in this area of law would have difficulty understanding the complexities of employment law and how it may (Or may not) apply to every situation. Every client and circumstance is unique and negotiations must be tailored appropriately.

The experienced Toronto employment lawyers at Ball Professional Corporation are committed in making sure your employment law matter is addressed in the most professional manner and advanced in the most advantageous way to obtain the best results for you.

Contact Toronto employment law lawyer Stacey R. Ball today to discover how he may be able to help you. Visit www.wrongfuldismissal.ca to discover more or call his office 416 921 7997 x225 to arrange an appointment.


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