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Sonia Leith

Year Called to the Bar: 2009

Many workplaces offer or provide opportunity for disability protection to their employees. Short and long term disability insurance coverage can also be purchased privately by individuals. This type of insurance coverage is smart financial planing as it protects you should you become unable to work due to serious and lasting illness or injury.

All to often, Sonia Leith sees in her practice, people denied long term disability insurance benefits that are rightfully theirs. They have usually paid into a protection plan for years or even decades, only to be refused the help they need at a time they need it most.

An Experienced Long Term Disability Lawyer in Toronto

A significant segment of Sonia Leith’s practice is dedicated to obtaining the rightful long term disability benefits owed to individuals that find themselves in the unfortunate position of suffering a physical or mental impairment that precludes them from doing their job or earning other employment income.

Sonia has represented clients denied their long term disability claims for issues such as:
+ Cancer and Other Critical Illnesses
+ Heart Disease
+ Depression
+ Anxiety
+ Fibromyalgia
+ Chronic Pain and Fatigue
+ Multiple Sclerosis
+ Neuro-Degenerative Diseases, (ALS, Alzheimer’s / Early Onset Dementia, Parkinson’s, etc.)

Education, Professional Memberships and Activities

+ Western Law (2008)
+ Member, Ontario Bar Association
+ Member, Ontario Trial Lawyers Association
+ Law Society Of Ontario
+ Toronto Lawyers Association

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Nobody wants to be sick or injured. Most people want to work. You should not be punished for being unable to fulfill your workplace duties due to disability. The process of recovering from significant physical or mental illness / injuries is often lengthy and painful; adding undue financial stress to that mix is unnecessary and that stress can even exacerbate certain conditions.

If your doctor has diagnosed you with an illness that precludes you from your regular job duties but your insurance company is hassling and fighting you for trying to access these benefits – Call Sonia Leith of Neinstein Personal Injury Lawyers at 416 920 4242 x 2212 or email her here. Free consultations.


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