Experienced Wills and Estates Lawyer in Ottawa
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Year Called to the Bar: 1989

Experienced Will and Estate Lawyer in Ottawa

Important documents are best prepared by an experienced lawyer. Ottawa Will and Estate Lawyer Chris Clermont helps individuals, couples and families in Ottawa draft wills and establish powers of attorney for both personal care and property.

Our mortality is not something only for the aged to contemplate. Death is something we all face. Additionally, the unfortunate reality of life is that many of us will face infirmity due to accident, disease or illness and be rendered unable to make informed decisions regarding one’s day-to-day life, health care and finances.

From the simple, straightforward and modest to the very advanced and complex, Chris can draft wills, Powers of Attorney (Both care and property) and estate plans to address your needs.

Ottawa Wills and Estates Lawyer – Bring Peace to Turmoil

As an experienced Ottawa wills and estates lawyer, Chris has seen the difficulties families encounter from poorly drafted (or the complete absence of) wills and/or power of attorney provisions.

Wills and POA’s are important documents that Chris would encourage everyone to have. They bring peace and order to what is otherwise a time of great stress and emotion.

In addition to drafting your documents, Chris provides advice to Estate Trustees and beneficiaries on how to navigate through the rights and obligations created by Wills, Powers of Attorney and statute law in the context of an estate administration.


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Whether you are an employee or an employer, Christopher Clermont is committed to ensuring that your employment and workplace rights are protected.

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